Robert J. Collings

I am a 35 years old investment analyst and travel enthusiast. Presently I am working for CSE, a Edinburgh based Investment Bank. I have done my MSc in Economics & Finance from Havard. I live in Musselburgh with my wife and daughter.

What I Can Do

  • financial modeling

    build abstract representation of a real world financial situation using complex mathematical functions & computer based tools.

  • financial advising

    I provide clients with financial products and services, depending on their characteristics and preferences.

  • fund management

    I have managed several mutual funds of my organization while I implement investment strategies and monitor portfolio.

  • financial training

    I have conducted several financial training programs where I guide people in developing their financial knowledge.

My Journal

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India's money mess could get worse

Dec. 29, 2016

Fifty days ago, india yanked most of its currency from circulation without warning, jolting the economy and leaving most citizens scrambling for cash.

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"Demonetization on Five Continents

Dec. 22, 2016

Several countries are undergoing "demonetization" or currency reforms in which the government...

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New Paper. Demand-Side Business Dynamism

Jul. 21, 2016

We-Marshall Steinbaum, who has recently joined the Roosevelt Institute as a vising fellow, and Mike Konczal-have a new working paper out titled Declining...

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Avoiding taxes isn't smart.It's stupid.

Oct. 11, 2016

Warren Buffett does not have a lot of income by billionaire standards: most of his wealth is in Berkshire...

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2 Times BFM

2 times Best Fund Manager in Edinburgh in last 3 years

250 Students

I have trained 250 people in last 5 years on financial analysis

50,000 Subscriber

That's the number of people regularly read my journal

Traveled 100 Places

List includes Puerto Princesa, Jeju Island, Paricutin and many more